In simple terms, a tender is an offer to do a job or to supply goods and services at a set price. When a company or councils 'puts out a tender', the company is basically asking the public for price offers to do work or supply goods. Once it accepts a tender, it is binding to both the company and the person/business who won the tender.
e-tender provide both suppliers and service providers with the opportunity to view an extensive collection of business tenders from many different private industries. For a nominal subscription, a registered user acquires access to all of our tenders including the latest current business tenders. Using our powerful search tool, you can refine your tender search to display all the relevant tenders pertaining to your industry. Once you find a tender that you are interested in, you can click on the tender to view the details of this potential business opportunity.
To register, click on the 'Signup' tab on the top heading. You are asked to fill in the registration form which requires you to enter company,contact and login details. On submission a verification email is sent to your email-address which contains a button/link to ACTIVATE your account for signin. SIGNIN to complete the subscription , your account is active when subscription billing is done and verified. MANUAL REGISTRATION ALSO AVAILABLE send us an email on info@etender.co.bw and we will call you back.
Premium tender is a tender where by a notification is sent to all registered users once its submitted. For buyers it means the advert of the tender has been paid for by the BUYER/TENDER OWNER. Ordinary is a random tender and you will not receive any notification the time it is added, but you will be able to view it on here in e-tender Botswana
It's P75.00/Month
Only registered subscribers will have access to all current tenders.